I am a Paris based filmmaker, photographer and graphic designer, I have directed numerous shorts, music videos, documentaries and commercials including :

Fondation Abbé Pierre (Grand Prix & Prix du Public de la communication solidaire), Auchan, Patrick Pelloux "SAMU de Paris", L’Oréal, Garnier, Blédina, La Redoute, Gaylord Hauser, EMI, France 3…

As a photographer I created portraits for the magazines : Stylist, Madfor, Glamour, Grazia, Marie Claire, Rock&Folk, Cosmopolitan, Télérama…

Since graduating from ESAG Met de Penninghen, I worked as a graphic designer and art director, in Paris, Tokyo and New York, for Biba, Vogue Homme International, Dépèche Mode, Gédéon, Maison Mère, NYC, Philippe Starck NYC, Claude Miller, Odeur de Sainteté, L/uniform, Le Bon Marché, and many others...


Permaculture has transformed my life! It is evolutionary, because it is accessible to all. With common sense, knowledge, hard work, practice, networking, and willpower, we can do it anywhere... in town or in the countryside; whatever your job, it is adaptable to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Permaculture is not just an agricultural "technique,” but an ethic, a philosophy, an overhaul of our own personalities and ultimately, of the world. With its three fundamental principles—take care of the land, take care of people, and share fairly—it forces us to reevaluate the entire world, the way we think and act. In 2018 and 2019, I created a small educational farm for groups of children in the heart of a 13 hectare park, then a large nature festival on the theme of ecological transition in this vacation spot near Bordeaux, receiving 3000 people each summer. My objectives were to pursue autonomy and the belief that great ideas can be questioned and experienced, to allow children or young adults to discover that many avenues are possible for them. So, I brought in the top experts in the domain, to inspire and lead. And then "L'ENFANCE FLEURISSANTE / "Childhood in bloom" one of my latest project offered to UNESCO and the Center Fiers & Forts in Morocco and supported by the FONDATION JARDIN MAJORELLE - MUSÉE YVES SAINT LAURENT, was a great way to transmit and bring out everything I have learned over the past few years. What permaculture does is help us to recreate the link between all the elements, and to serve the society as a whole. Permaculture has taught me one essential thing, and that is to look at each obstacle as an opportunity to grow and learn. It is to always tackle the poorest and most arid terrain, that the most damaged person is arguably the one with the most resources, and that you can see the beauty in everyone and everything. Any piece of land, the least fertile, the poorest, can become an oasis with our care. A person, or a child who has suffered tremendously, is more inclined to empathize and transform themselves than someone who has not suffered. So, when we see all the abundant benefits that natural gardening provides, we have no further reason to deprive ourselves of it!


FICTION / ADAGE / Christine Phung


ADVERTISING / Cosmia by Auchan et moi / Karine Ferri

CLIP / Liza Manili / Non Non

FICTION / BOTTLE SHOP / UNIFRANCE short film selection